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performance web design

Authorial design method

typy kreacji

Creation types HTML, Rich media, Video

obsługa w 24 godziny

A full set of formats

performance web design

Authorial design method

typy kreacji

Creation types HTML, Rich media, Video

obsługa w 24 godziny

A full set of formats

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You already have a master banner* but you need other sales designs? On the basis of your brief, we’ll create and send you a basic set of formats for online campaigns.
  • 20 static reformats prepared according to the publisher’s specifications, including 2 projects suited to Facebook and Instagram communication**
  • Desktop and mobile-friendly designs
* You don’t have a master banner yet? We’ll create one for free. Test us!
** Dynamic HTML5 formats are available but are prepared with an individual price.
EUR 220


You have a general creative concept but it isn’t adjusted to online marketing? Send us your key visual and, on its basis, you’ll receive not only a full set of designs but also a full documentation containing the project guidelines.
  • a master-banner designed according to the Performance Web Design method *
  • 20 static reformats prepared according to any given specifications
  • a document with recommendations based on the PWD method
* Dynamic HTML5 formats are available but are prepared with an individual price.
EUR 710


Are you looking for a partner who can create dedicated sales designs for your online campaign? We take care of the entire production of graphic designs, working out and suggesting effective solutions for your business.
  • you can choose from
  • 3 creative concepts
  • a complete set of formats adjusted to different communication channels: mailings, banners, website elements, social media formats
  • an experienced design team led by a project manager skilled in performance web design
  • monthly subscription with a full control of the costs
  • fast implementation
Individual pricing

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What our clients say about us:


PayU about DOT Partners DOT Partners is a professional and reliable business partner. The projects they make are always top-quality and delivered on time. What I also find valuable about this Agency is that it’s flexible and has a non-standard approach to different subjects, on which we cooperate. I would recommend DOT Partners to all organizations that are looking for a solid and reliable partner who is focused on projects and offers effective collaboration.

Marta Siekierska, Demand Generation Manager
grafika about DOT Partners We collaborate with DOT Partners on the creation and production of online ads and web design. The agency has carried out several projects for me, including performance campaigns as well as campaigns that were focused on building awareness. Every single time, my brief was perfectly understood and I encountered a creative and flexible approach. I highly value my cooperation with Dot – they quickly get acquainted with the world of the brand, understand our business needs, provide advice and expertise. They’re able to do wonders in a small amount of time, without losing quality and professionalism. I highly recommend them.

Małgorzata Pietrucha, Brand Manager

Vivus Finance about DOT Partners DOT Partners Agency is our strategic business partner who, for over 4 years, has been creating displays for our brands, both for online image-building and sales campaigns. As a company that sets high-level requirements, we’d like to stress that DOT Partners is characterised by a holistic approach to the communication of our brands on the Internet and by an incredible understanding of issues that are connected to fulfilling our sales goals. The staff of the agency always demonstrates great creativity and commitment to cooperate. Any task is always carried out with due care and time. Taking this into account, we highly recommend DOT Partners as a reliable company that has considerable experience in implementing comprehensive online campaigns.

Kamila Kuczyńska, Marketing Communications Manager

ITAKA about DOT Partners DOT Partners provides support in the fields of designing sales communication and online campaigns. Our cooperation involves, among others, performance marketing. I’d like to underline the agency’s professional and flexible approach, as well as its effectiveness and timeliness, even in the case of tight deadlines. DOT Partners is a solid business partner.

Jolanta Bielówka, Marketing Manager

Extradom about DOT Partners Creative concepts developed by DOT Partners fully met our expectations. Thanks to their own design method, they are able to improve the whole creative process. The company is flexible, open to suggestions, and focuses on achieving the business needs of its clients. It sets realistic deadlines and has no problem to meet them. What's more, it makes sure that all the undertaken activities are going in the right direction. DOT Parner's quality of work, attention to detail, and contact during each stage of the project are always at the top level. I highly recommend this company.

Anna Orzechowska, UX & E-marketing Manager

CUT2CODE about DOT Partners DOT Partners is a professional team. We can always count on their commitment, timeliness, and quality of implementation. They pay attention to detail and their projects are very creative. Great contact and quick response. Taking all this into account, we’d definitely recommend DOT Partners.

Grzegorz Rogoziński, CEO

HEXE DATA o DOT Partners DOT Partners helped us design a new creative line for our online sales strategy. Thanks to their thorough knowledge of performance marketing and design and many years of experience in the marketing industry, the displays they have created had impressive performance rates. Considering also their timeliness, flexibility and quick response, I look very positively on our collaboration.

Krzysztof Surowiecki, CEO
Hexe Data

ERIF about DOT Partners Cooperating with DOT Partners equals professionalism, timeliness, and commitment to making the project successful. The creative lines they design are characterised by high quality and attention to detail. This is also complemented by quickness and flexibility. The DOT Partners team certainly deserves the highest note and I would definitely recommend them to other business partners.

Nina Berezowska, Senior Marketing Specialist

About us

7 years ago, we decided to challenge performance marketing. Our goal is simple: we improve the performance of our clients’ online sales campaigns through the creation of effective mailing and banner designs..

To achieve this goal, we created an authorial design method. We know that achieving improvement not only entails implementing very good projects but also establishing a set of rules.

Performance Web Design defines our agency. It successfully combines words with images. It constitutes the basis of our work, supporting marketing specialists and media agencies in their daily struggles to increase conversion rates in performance areas.

We know how the media and media channels work. This helps us achieve better sales campaign results for our clients. We understand publishers and the performance marketing methods that are used in different industries: from media buying, performance analysis, to its optimisation. This knowledge, combined with our experienced design team, allows us to create effective solutions that are tailored to the needs of our clients.

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