Our Product Director gives advice on how to design online ads during one of the biggest Polish design conferences

Last weekend, Piotr Wicher, our Product Director, was invited to GrafConf 2018 in Torun! He talked about designing online ads in the context of aesthetics and gave advice on how to make them increase your sales.

Piotr has 10 years of experience in designing for Polish and foreign brands. At GrafConf, he shared his tips on how to successfully design online ads – from display to mailing. The workshop participants put theory into practice by redesigning a banner of a popular brand that has been found online.

Piotr shares his knowledge on designing effective online ads in the presentation below. You can find out, among others, what is the F-shaped pattern of reading, how to pick photos to your designs, or how to write a great CTA. All the rules he talks about are applied to our authorial Performance Web Design method. You can read Piotr’s tips below:

GrafConf  is a conference addressed to designers that takes place in Torun. It discusses and looks at design from different perspectives, including graphic and web design, online advertising, illustration, corporate identity, and even copyright law and customer relations. The conference is organised by Grafmag magazine. Its first edition was held in 2017.

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by Andrzej Gruszka